Canada bans cruise ship visits until 2022 due to covid-19 pandemic

This declaration makes complete sense, as we as a planet endure the pandemic. This is exactly the rule that needed to be made, and gives our area of Frenchman Bay time to consider the future. The short term restrictions enacted one after another in 2020 could not be replayed in 2021, and Canada has made the right decision. Thank you, dear northern neighbor, for protecting our rural area from unnecessary covid-19 infections and the night mare of quarantined ships/ill passengers moored in our bay.

The Jones Act allows U.S. ships to travel directly from U.S. port to port, and prohibits foreign ships from traveling directly from U.S . port to port, among other protections. Nearly all large cruise ships are foreign flagged, and therefore must make Canadian stops (or Caribbean stops) alternating with any U.S. stops.