9/30/17 one of three cruise ships in Frenchman Bay. This diesel exhaust has 66x more sulfur than land based diesel trucks burn. See boat near the right of photo for scale. The olive green land right behind this boat is Bar Island, 170 feet tall. Behind that, the Mountains of Acadia National Park rise-
 10/2/17 Bar Harbor, Maine
Norwegian Gem, 10/11/17, does have “scrubbers” but still spewing large amounts of smog producing elements (N0 x) into the atmosphere at Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park
one of three cruise ships in Frenchman Bay on 9/30/17

cruise ship leaving Bar Harbor and Frenchman Bay, as seen from isolated spot at Southern tip of Little Moose Island, Schoodic Section, Acadia National Park. The wild and natural experience was obliterated (9/21/17)
seal giving birth on ledge in Frenchman Bay
otters in estuary of Frenchman Bay
Frenchman Bay is NOT a No Discharge Area!