DMR scoping session for American Aquaculture Frenchman Bay lease sites 6/23/21 4:30 pm, zoom only

Photo by Shane Dorr of Bar Harbor. @dorrshane on IG

The scoping session is held by the applicant so the applicant can present the application to the public and answer questions about the project as related to the DMR applications. It is NOT the final DMR hearing, but the DMR will attend the scoping session. It is not under oath. Due to covid rules, the applicant was offered the choice of in person scoping session or by zoom, and they are using zoom. The request to have both an in person and zoom scoping session due to limited internet access for some local residents was not granted.

DMR Criteria

The ingress and egress of riparian owners;
• Navigation;
• Fishing or other uses of the area;
• Other aquaculture uses;
• The ability of the site and surrounding areas to support ecologically significant flora and
fauna; or
• The public use or enjoyment within 1,000 feet of beaches, parks, or docks owned by
local, state, or federal governments or **certain government-owned conserved land.
• The applicant must demonstrate that there is an available source of organisms to be
cultured for the lease site.
• **The lease must not result in unreasonable impact from noise or light at the boundariesof the lease site, and it must comply with DMR rules to minimize the visual impact of the
**Starred criteria only apply to STANDARD lease applications.

Link to Zoom meeting scoping session:

it is unclear if a passcode is needed: this passcode was provided:603686 

There is no requirement that people present be called on, the entire process is controlled by the applicant. The time for each person who is called on to ask questions/speak will limited to only a minute or two. However, showing up is important. We won’t be able to see who and how many others are participating. More than 150 attended the “info” session AA held in May.

Links to the two AA DMR applications (Bald Rock and Long Porcupine- the one near the Hop)