Welcome to Friends of Frenchman Bay. Thanks for your interest. We need you!.

Frenchman Bay is a breathtaking and wild ecosystem, bound on two sides by Acadia National Park. Friends of Frenchman Bay is a group of people who live in towns around the Bay or visit this unique spot on earth. We care deeply and are working to protect the Bay from large scale development of an outsized cruise ship pier proposed for Bar Harbor. We value the dark starry skies, the marine life, the cold, clear waters, and clean air.

We know that a development of this size will forever change the intrinsic natural qualities that make Frenchman Bay a beloved national treasure. No environmental assessments have yet been undertaken. We face the continued desires of a billion dollar international industry, which prefers piers over tenders.

Please contact us through our Facebook page or via the email icon on this page. Donations are accepted at Friends of Frenchman Bay, Box 533, Mt. Desert, Maine, 04660.

Follow the link below to a Change.org petition made by one of our supporters, asking the Maine State Legislature not to pass Port Authority Legislation for Bar Harbor (LD #1400, 2018), as the State level is the only avenue available for those who live outside of the Town of Bar Harbor to have their voices heard. The Port Authority Bill was ultimately vetoed by the Governor. Port Authority remains an entity which would facilitate (i.e. finance) a Mega Cruise Ship Pier in Frenchman Bay, and could be reintroduced in the Maine Legislature in any session.


We are an all volunteer Community Association.

These gifts of unspoiled nature cannot be assessed in financial terms. “Once destroyed, nature’s beauty cannot be repurchased at any price.” – Ansel Adams