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Welcome to Friends of Frenchman Bay. Thanks for your interest. We need you!.

Frenchman Bay is a breathtaking and wild ecosystem, bound on two sides by Acadia National Park. Friends of Frenchman Bay is a group of people who live in towns around the Bay or visit this unique spot on earth. Our current primary effort is to protect Frenchman Bay from newly proposed large scale industrial fish farming in the bay.  We value the dark starry skies, the marine life, the cold, clear waters, and clean air.


Industrial Salmon Farm

  • When built, American Aquafarms’ plant in Maine will be the world’s largest full-cycle aquaculture facility based on closed cages in the sea.”  (These are actually semi-closed, NOT closed containment)- quote from Intrafish trade publication 3/31/21 

Save the Bay Flotilla   


9/25/21  Info and How to Help  Below:

Visit https://www.frenchmanbayunited.org/


DMR Scoping session was held Wednesday June 23rd 4:30pm via zoom by American Aquafarms. This was done in webinar format. The over 200 attendees could not see each other, how many were attending, or who had a “hand” up . The questions were cut off after 2 hours. Only 13 people were called on. Not all people who had a hand up were called on, and we have no way of knowing how many who had a hand up were not called on. We have recieved a list of attendees. An unedited copy of the recording has been requested, but this has not yet been provided.

Below are links- (first is the DMR Aquaculture lease criteria)



NPCA fact sheet

Top concerns


The DMR has deemed the application complete. The purpose of the scoping session was to collect information on the draft applications from the public. It was not a public hearing, which is required once the DMR deems the applications complete.
The DEP application is in process. DEP has determined as of 7/30/21 that a public hearing is not necessary on this project. 
Here is a link to the very large (yet still incomplete) volume of application materials: https://www.maine.gov/dep/ftp/projects/american-aquafarms/applications/mepdes/   


We know that large scale fish farming in the bay will forever change the intrinsic natural qualities that make Frenchman Bay a beloved national treasure, and threatens the generational livelihoods of lobstermen (and women) of the bay . Two Aquaculture sites of 60 and 60 acres, composed of 30 pens, each 150 feet wide (the green squares in this map), raising 66 million pounds of salmon annually, are proposed for large industrialized salmon farms off the Porcupines and near bald rock. No environmental assessments have yet been undertaken. Click on our Industrial Fin Fish Farm page to learn more: http://friendsoffrenchmanbay.org/industrial-fin-fish-farm/

Please contact us through our Facebook page or via the email icon on this page. Donations are accepted by donate button on this site or at Friends of Frenchman Bay, Box 533, Mt. Desert, Maine, 04660.

We are an all volunteer Community Association.

We continue to stand against an outsized cruise ship pier previously proposed for Bar Harbor.

These gifts of unspoiled nature cannot be assessed in financial terms. “Once destroyed, nature’s beauty cannot be repurchased at any price.” – Ansel Adams