Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal Property Business Plan

Here is a printable copy of the much anticipated report produced by the international architecture and engineering firm, Bermello and Ajamil, for the Public Multi-Use Marina concept at the Ferry Terminal Property. Unveiling of the plan will occur Monday, May 14th, 7pm, at the MDI High School (some of the graphs look a bit funny as the result of making the black background white, but all the info remains the same…the black background on the original made it difficult to print out, so we changed the black background to white to help facilitate printing/reading for the general public). In reading this, consider the history of Bay Ferries, their track record of financial loss and breakdowns, and the recent 2 million dollar investment in Portland to continue their service. This appears to be an effort to pit Portland against Bar Harbor (as it would not be running from both spots). In our perhaps cynical view, a “trojan ferry”, which if it does come back, will bring back with it the Port Authority Bill, Ferry service won’t last (or underperforms), and, viola, the project gets saved by the Cruise Ship Industry!

See business plan for the Ferry Terminal Property below:

Bar Harbor Ferry Property Business Plan Report – White Background